Sad Diva

Once again the heart has defeated the  brain
I am guessing that is why, we are injured again

I wish things turned out, the way we had planned
A moment I was flying, the next I was alarmed

took one minute to quit, on a promise for lifetime
Feels regrettably hopeless, yet I wait for a sign

As you remain silent, I am fenced with dreadful worries
So afraid to lose you, when you’re not buying any sorries

Apologies won’t work, so can’t we at least fight?
Unable to sleep, I just keep turning off the light
Guess I’m nothing more, than a criminal in your sight
Wish I could rewind and make everything All right

I know these words are plain and my excuses are lame
But my world’s an empty cellar, when you don’t even blame!

Speak to me baby, I’m stuck in this Suck fest
Where do I go now? Your heart’s been my nest

Just take away my wings, I don’t deserve a flight
This sorry, selfish birdie, has no reason to delight

So I flew fingers to the joy
when you left with no goodbye
Although they drip from the skies

Warm rain dwells in the eyes.



The Perfect Love Letter.

My Love,

Most of us underestimate the power of distance. As you distance from an event or relationship, it’s intensity diminishes and then completely disappears. If you virtually distance yourself from this planet, the insignificance of everything becomes overwhelming. And if you distance yourself from the person you love, the spikes and troughs of emotions are replaced by a slow, steady, simmering that strengthens the desire and importance of the one you love.

I did not fall in love with you immediately. I think it was more like intrigue-at-first-sight. Then for a long period I was in adoration and admiration. And then suddenly one morning, I was hopelessly in love. I was suddenly hungry to know you, understand you, go to the layers of events and relationships to understand what has made you the person you are. As my love for you deepened, the hurt began. Some part was jealousy but mostly it was because your feelings then had not become as intense as mine. There was a time I nearly gave up. But I am so happy I didn’t.

You are more amazing than you realize. You have qualities that draws those around you, both men and women, even if they are shy acknowledging it. People want to be your friend and they are proud to have you by their side. You have a sharp mind and you understand people very quickly. At the same time you are empathetic and helpful. And that, my sweetheart, makes you a good human being. Your physical perfection and flawless beauty can make men fall on their knees. You have a smile that can melt a thousand hearts. You have a playfulness during your happy and expressive times that is so magical and mesmerizing. You have a mature sense of humour like a smooth dark chocolate. You are a great daughter and a delightful sister. You are a fun friend to be with who knows how to let her hair down. You have a refreshing creativity that does not come from reading a lot but is a natural gift. You are so special and my list is not even half done!

In fact, I believe you underestimate yourself. Can’t blame you for being a 25 year old with all shades of moods from bright to dark. That is OK. But I believe that you need to be choosy and not give yourself away easily. You are a perfect friend and a great lover but there is much more to you than that. As you make sure that you take sober relationship steps. You need to be patient. The universe has your good in its mind, just like so many of us who love you.

I don’t want to sound melodramatic but I need to share this with you. It came to my mind one day that you will be one of the most important person that I will like to see during my last moments. I can nearly visualize you walking in all lovely and womanly with your son holding your hand, and you just sit and smile at me from a distance, and I smile back. No words are required as we both know that we have been good for each other and have enriched each other’s life in ways that no one will ever know. I hope and pray that that warmth will last forever. Did I just say forever! Yes I did because I think it is possible.

The discovery of you as a lover does not end by knowing about your past. That is just the beginning. The real passion is in experiencing you everyday, every moment as you grow and bloom into a happier, more confident and a more equanimous person. I hope you will let me hold your hand in this journey as I too am evolving in ways which are fulfilling to me.

We are on our way to be perfect soulmates as all the ingredients are there. And once that happens in spite of the given limitations, it is immaterial whether we are just a wish away or a phone call away or an ocean away. We will always be there for each other.

I love you

Yours Always



Hey Woman…

Its International Women’s day. 8th March.

So they will give chocolates and flowers to the female staff. I also heard the girls are gonna wear “PINK” to distinguish the day. How cutely remarkable!

That’s it? Is that all makes you happy? You are proud to be a woman. Sure!

There are a dozen things I’d rather have which make a difference than just being patronized with a candy and a rose. I would ask for a lot of mentality shift that would make me happier.

So my address is to the fellow gender. (Reader’s discretion advised)

I have a love hate relationship with women. But I still find them more powerful, more endearing, more sacrificing, and hence more respect worthy.

This women’s day rise above chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day is gone!

On PAY:  Ask for equal pay. You are twice the brains and thrice sincere when you take up a job.

On Progress:  You climb up the corporate ladder because you work hard for it. Shut them who woof mediocrity.

On Periods: Ask for a monthly day off. Yes, those cramps fucking hurt.

On Health: Stay Fit, case closed

On Body: Flaunt the curves, love the flesh on your body, and eat that red velvet because YOU love to.

On Weight reduction:  Get slimmer if you feel like it. Not because one day you’d fit in those college pants.

On Color: You CAN wear a red fucking lipstick to work because you can rock it and it is NOT slutty

On Shoes: You wear those heels because it feels confident and classy, not because it grabs attention.

On What to wear: Wear what comforts you. Wear sari, a kurti, a skirt, a jeans, or wear a cow if you want. Your comfort is ALL that matters.

On “How am I looking”: Don’t seek validation, your mirror and your sexy fucking mind has all the answers.

On Hygiene: You shave because you like to be hygienic and smooth, not because “had to hook up”

ON Bra: Spend on sassy lingerie because you love your body in that. Not to impress in bed. You are a lady. A Goddess as it is.

On Waxing: You go through the pain of waxing so you sure as hell can DEMAND him to fucking shave if you don’t like the hairy territory.

ON “the word SLUT”: It is overrated, they will never come up with a glorified word for a female stud.

On Sisterhood: Real queens fix each others crowns, don’t attack each other. Don’t back bite. Say it in the face.

On “Being Single”: Trust me, It is not a miserable state and I am not necessarily hunting. If I am interested, I will make the move and just say I like you. There is no “dropping hints’’.

On “Being a relationship” : Be a lover. Be a partner. Be a best friend.  Just don’t be a Mother taking care of the Man child.

On Breakups: Get your shit together and get some fucking UNITY in the GENDER. A guy is NEVER worth losing a sister.

On “Can She cook”: It is not quintessentially a girl thing. I can know a lot about food and it is OKAY if I am not good at kitchen. But hey, I am good at grammar, spellings, anagrams, teaching, writing and dancing!

You are a lot more than you think and you deserve much more.

Don’t settle for less please. You are worth the wait darling.

So once again, Rise over chocolates and flowers. Rise above THEM.

Happy Women’s day!




!! A Rainy Day Poem !!

It is spectacular to watch the rain. It also brings out some poetic sense in me. In school, we used to have a poem writing competition.
I still remember when I participated in class 4, and the topic given to us was, a Rainy day. Although my poem didn’t get the first prize, but I really enjoyed making compositions.

The following rhyme is an outcome of nostalgia and tough to articulate experiences. Sometimes it’s challenging to write a poem, as it restricts the free form of expression which can be easily done through an article.
But with the rainy season blessing us, the rhyme mode is on. Hope you enjoy!

Ever let the umbrella go in a pouring rain
Danced when those water pearls kissed the ground
Felt the chills of wind that froze your brain
Sung lullabies to the universal sound

Ever heard a song that pauses the present
A song that takes you back to a special time
To a long lost moment often evanescent
To a memory which made your world shine

Ever drawn a picture like a four year old
Scribbling the canvas with colorful crayons
A dreamy landscape, sun made of gold
Radiating the river, caressed by white swans

Ever known a fragrance that was so nostalgic
Like scent of an old book, its pages gone pale
Concealing an aged petal, a story maybe tragic
Written with a purpose, but read like a tale.

Ever written a letter in this Hi tech world
A white sheet, a pen and a thousand words to say
I bet if you get one, it’d make your belly twirl
Take a break, grab a pen, and make someone’s day.

Have a Happy every day!!!

Child labor

A Cold May Afternoon

May summers are probably the hottest in India.
The sun doesn’t just rise, it roars throughout the day!
No one wants to leave their home unless it’s a beach, pool or a water park!

It was the usual lazy sunny afternoon. Temperature might be touching 43 degree Celsius. I was trying to take a snooze just when there was this constant thudding sound that woke me up.

Apparently, there was some construction work going on in the neighborhood. So you just have to get use to the drilling and the hammering. It is kind of fascinating to watch the whole construction in progress and the sync with which those workers perform their chores. The smell of the cement, bricks, mortar and of course the sand hills which becomes a temporary play park for the kids. We all have played in the sand, haven’t we?

I saw a few kids playing in the sand and cherished my childhood. Before I could resume to a flat face, one of the workers appeared and shooed the kids away. While others dispersed like pollens, one of them stayed put. He started carrying ceramic tiles on his head. All at once my enthusiasm died and I thought of going inside.

As if my empathy and dreary would do any good to that child who deserved to play and make sand castles instead of making castles for others. However, I just watched that little kid.

He was guided and maneuvered by a man who was his uncle, one of the workers. No kid would do this on choice! Apparently, this man had brought him along.

The shirt that he wore had lost its color in the cement dust. The cap over his shabby dark-brownish hair shadowed his face. His uncle constantly shouted at him for something or the other to which he never replied. From making concrete, carrying bricks and plastering, the 10 year old palms had lost their tenderness. His only recess allowed was ‘the Lunch’. I then reckoned that two dry chapattis folded in a small hanky can be someone’s lunch.

At two in the afternoon, the sun was bleeding lava. The little boy noticed me looking at him from my patio, as he wiped off the stream of sweat on his forehead. I shuddered with weirdness and guilt.

Weird because it’s not my routine to take a long fixed look at people…. and guilt… well, I can’t explain that. My lips were frozen and throat had a blockage. Without thinking too much, I poured chilled water in a glass and went down.

Having him watch drinking large mouthfuls rapidly, cured some of the unexplainable guilt and his “Thankoo” almost healed me.

I offered him a proper lunch and couple of clothes which he was happy to accept. It led me to a general talk. Well asking ‘Do you go to school’ was out of question, so I restricted it to knowing the child’s name.

“What’s your name?” I asked as he handed me back the plate (of meal that he actually deserved).
The little one smiled his thanks and timidly replied, “Gudiya”.

I lost my appetite for the day’s meal. The innocent under the cap was a girl. She hopped and ran towards the construction site and now was back to lifting bricks on a head pan.

Girl or Boy, it was painful to watch that little kid whose childhood got dusted away in the soil and sand.

Sometimes, I feel we worry too much, on trivial things, like a plan gone wrong, an exhausting day at work, an argument in relationship or being treated below expectations. We waste a precious day or a moment which could have been handled delicately.

That little girl taught me to live in the moment and appreciate what we have. I am sure it is a very simple thing to believe in but often difficult to practice. So, why not take a moment to thank from heart, forgive and be grateful.

Who knows, your smile may make it snow in summer!




I finally decided to have a blog on wordpress because blogspot was more of venting arena.

Although I wrote some great articles there too, it is time for a more serious writing.

I have named my site as Rash-amy.

My brain consists of three thought processes. One is Rashmi, who is logical, realistic, sarky, practical maybe and listens to the brain in event of a catch 22. On the other hand, Amy is lively, high spirited, expressive and emotional, empathetic, and listens to the Heart. The third one is still in the creation mode. But we will introduce her later and occasionally.

With these three licenses, let the word war begin.