Amber Nights

Leaning at the edge of the bed, Veronica sat carelessly on the wooden floor, glancing out of the balcony of a 40th storey. Her 26 year old brain was tripping like her bouncy red curls. She held the glass up, saw through it, the whiskey mixed with amber of setting sun.

A smile escaped her cheeks when she stirred the sunset in her glass and took a long sip. She stood up and took careful steps towards the transparent balcony. The breeze kissed her face, caressed her hair and she smiled again.

She looked down. The pool was calm and untouched. Toy cars entered and left from the gates. There was no sound up here except for the soft tunes waving out of the room. It was the kind of music she liked. She was wonderfully tipsy, away from the city bustle. It was so peaceful. She thought- Can this dream get any better? 

Her thought was responded as she was embraced lovingly from behind. Veronica didn’t look back and was gleaming this time.

Reality was finally better than her dream.


‚ÄčI dont want to be your published story

I dont want to be your published story

I want to be your first draft
Raw and spontaneous

Flushed with emotions

Haphazardly written 

Crude and Impulsive 

Full of typos and errors

When the backspace is useless

And the thought is fresh

Your fingers are racing

The curse words are rasping

The audience has no role

Savage expression is the goal
You are shedding honesty

About an untold history

I want to be that draft.



You and I, We sit,

Unplugged chords you try to strike,
The dim lights take me on a stroll,
My head spins,
Listening to rock and roll,
Assorted music my phone plays,
To top it up,
Your teasing me in mysterious ways,
I’m lost in trance,
I wish to dance,

The heart beats faster,
As you watch me type…

A raw memory starts to ripe

So much to say, so little you talk
Eyes making conversation 
even though you try to lock
that unsaid expression,

Wish you could say it all,
pour like a waterfall,

While we talked in glances
Days and nights grew dead,
Wonder if take chances,
But some things are better unsaid..


The Perfect Love Letter.

My Love,

Most of us underestimate the power of distance. As you distance from an event or relationship, it’s intensity diminishes and then completely disappears. If you virtually distance yourself from this planet, the insignificance of everything becomes overwhelming. And if you distance yourself from the person you love, the spikes and troughs of emotions are replaced by a slow, steady, simmering that strengthens the desire and importance of the one you love.

I did not fall in love with you immediately. I think it was more like intrigue-at-first-sight. Then for a long period I was in adoration and admiration. And then suddenly one morning, I was hopelessly in love. I was suddenly hungry to know you, understand you, go to the layers of events and relationships to understand what has made you the person you are. As my love for you deepened, the hurt began. Some part was jealousy but mostly it was because your feelings then had not become as intense as mine. There was a time I nearly gave up. But I am so happy I didn’t.

You are more amazing than you realize. You have qualities that draws those around you, both men and women, even if they are shy acknowledging it. People want to be your friend and they are proud to have you by their side. You have a sharp mind and you understand people very quickly. At the same time you are empathetic and helpful. And that, my sweetheart, makes you a good human being. Your physical perfection and flawless beauty can make men fall on their knees. You have a smile that can melt a thousand hearts. You have a playfulness during your happy and expressive times that is so magical and mesmerizing. You have a mature sense of humour like a smooth dark chocolate. You are a great daughter and a delightful sister. You are a fun friend to be with who knows how to let her hair down. You have a refreshing creativity that does not come from reading a lot but is a natural gift. You are so special and my list is not even half done!

In fact, I believe you underestimate yourself. Can’t blame you for being a 25 year old with all shades of moods from bright to dark. That is OK. But I believe that you need to be choosy and not give yourself away easily. You are a perfect friend and a great lover but there is much more to you than that. As you make sure that you take sober relationship steps. You need to be patient. The universe has your good in its mind, just like so many of us who love you.

I don’t want to sound melodramatic but I need to share this with you. It came to my mind one day that you will be one of the most important person that I will like to see during my last moments. I can nearly visualize you walking in all lovely and womanly with your son holding your hand, and you just sit and smile at me from a distance, and I smile back. No words are required as we both know that we have been good for each other and have enriched each other’s life in ways that no one will ever know. I hope and pray that that warmth will last forever. Did I just say forever! Yes I did because I think it is possible.

The discovery of you as a lover does not end by knowing about your past. That is just the beginning. The real passion is in experiencing you everyday, every moment as you grow and bloom into a happier, more confident and a more equanimous person. I hope you will let me hold your hand in this journey as I too am evolving in ways which are fulfilling to me.

We are on our way to be perfect soulmates as all the ingredients are there. And once that happens in spite of the given limitations, it is immaterial whether we are just a wish away or a phone call away or an ocean away. We will always be there for each other.

I love you

Yours Always





I finally decided to have a blog on wordpress because blogspot was more of venting arena.

Although I wrote some great articles there too, it is time for a more serious writing.

I have named my site as Rash-amy.

My brain consists of three thought processes. One is Rashmi, who is logical, realistic, practical maybe and listens to the brain in event of a catch 22. On the other hand, Amy is lively, high spirited, expressive and emotional, empathetic, and listens to the Heart. The third one is still in the creation mode. But we will introduce her later and occasionally.

With these three licenses, let the word war begin.