Sad Diva

Once again the heart has defeated the  brain
I am guessing that is why, we are injured again

I wish things turned out, the way we had planned
A moment I was flying, the next I was alarmed

took one minute to quit, on a promise for lifetime
Feels regrettably hopeless, yet I wait for a sign

As you remain silent, I am fenced with dreadful worries
So afraid to lose you, when you’re not buying any sorries

Apologies won’t work, so can’t we at least fight?
Unable to sleep, I just keep turning off the light
Guess I’m nothing more, than a criminal in your sight
Wish I could rewind and make everything All right

I know these words are plain and my excuses are lame
But my world’s an empty cellar, when you don’t even blame!

Speak to me baby, I’m stuck in this Suck fest
Where do I go now? Your heart’s been my nest

Just take away my wings, I don’t deserve a flight
This sorry, selfish birdie, has no reason to delight

So I flew fingers to the joy
when you left with no goodbye
Although they drip from the skies

Warm rain dwells in the eyes.



!! A Rainy Day Poem !!

It is spectacular to watch the rain. It also brings out some poetic sense in me. In school, we used to have a poem writing competition.
I still remember when I participated in class 4, and the topic given to us was, a Rainy day. Although my poem didn’t get the first prize, but I really enjoyed making compositions.

The following rhyme is an outcome of nostalgia and tough to articulate experiences. Sometimes it’s challenging to write a poem, as it restricts the free form of expression which can be easily done through an article.
But with the rainy season blessing us, the rhyme mode is on. Hope you enjoy!

Ever let the umbrella go in a pouring rain
Danced when those water pearls kissed the ground
Felt the chills of wind that froze your brain
Sung lullabies to the universal sound

Ever heard a song that pauses the present
A song that takes you back to a special time
To a long lost moment often evanescent
To a memory which made your world shine

Ever drawn a picture like a four year old
Scribbling the canvas with colorful crayons
A dreamy landscape, sun made of gold
Radiating the river, caressed by white swans

Ever known a fragrance that was so nostalgic
Like scent of an old book, its pages gone pale
Concealing an aged petal, a story maybe tragic
Written with a purpose, but read like a tale.

Ever written a letter in this Hi tech world
A white sheet, a pen and a thousand words to say
I bet if you get one, it’d make your belly twirl
Take a break, grab a pen, and make someone’s day.

Have a Happy every day!!!