Dating & Relationships, Fiction

The Last Proposal 

As I plugged out my phone from charging I saw a text from him. Let me know when we can talk, need to tell you something- it read.

I grew curious. Flirted with a hope of it being something good. I couldn’t wait until a proper time. So I rushed to the terrace and called him.

“Please skip to the news” i hastened.

He obeyed. Next words that he muttered put the final nail in the coffin. Let’s just say I was single again.

As I climbed back down the staircase, I carried that heaviness along. It felt like Bikram carrying baital on his back. Only that my baital was the size of a hippo.

I ended the phone call with a cold congratulations. But after hanging up, in my head began a warfare of swearing and cussing. I was astonished at my creativity to come up with curse words. The blood in my veins was erupting like lava.

Dejected, I put the phone back to charging. Just when there was a beep again. When can we meet today- the message read.

Oh, it wasn’t the from above episode. He was blocked during the cuss wars.

The message was from a forgotten friend. And I took a moment to thank the holy angels for this timing.

I changed and stepped out. One must never underestimate the power of a cute dress and heels.

We met at a pub. It was my idea. Also i could really use a drink that sunny afternoon.

After 3 daiquiris, life was back to technicolor. We talked, we laughed and then danced. I forgot about what had happened earlier that day. It all seemed so stupid and minimal. God bless alcohol and music.

We were at his place now. All smitten and drunk. Elephant in the room getting fat. He asked me if i cared for a drink. Yes! I said outright. But he came back with a water bottle instead. “You need to hydrate” he said in a soft and caring tone.

I then recalled he never got himself any drink and was patiently watching, listening to my blabber and smiling all the way.

He made me sit on the couch and handed me the water bottle. I took mouthfuls and put the water bottle on a round glass table in front. I noticed a few flowers lay scattered with unusual shapes. I judged myself for being tipsy.

I picked one out of curiosity and started examining it like a scientist. I was right! These were made of paper! Yellow, blue, orange coloured lillies made of paper.

I turned to him, inquisitive. He smiled and asked me to peel off the sticker on the petals. I was enjoying this. I slowly peeled it off to discover some scribble on it. It read ‘suits’, the second petal read ‘phad thai’. I couldn’t understand the game. But by the time I peeled off all the stickers i had the largest smile on my face.

All these petals had some of our top and memorable times during the time we were together. This was 2 years ago and evidently he was still in love.

When i looked at him with that Cheshire cat smile on my face , he was no longer there.

He was on his knees with a red origami rose. I could read the 4 words on it.

The daiquiris in my belly turned into ice and I stood still with goosebumps.

“Will you marry me!” He said it this time.

I stood him up and hugged him tightly. Thanking him for this gesture and restoring a hope. I hadn’t uttered a word till now and continued to hug him. Hesistant to reply.

“I love you, I always have and will always do” he secured the silence.

I wanted to tell him the truth. But it came with a cost of hurting him and so I let the silence take over again.

“Its okay, you dont have to answer”

He concluded the embrace with two friendly pats on my back.


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