Hey Woman…

Its International Women’s day. 8th March.

So they will give chocolates and flowers to the female staff. I also heard the girls are gonna wear “PINK” to distinguish the day. How cutely remarkable!

That’s it? Is that all makes you happy? You are proud to be a woman. Sure!

There are a dozen things I’d rather have which make a difference than just being patronized with a candy and a rose. I would ask for a lot of mentality shift that would make me happier.

So my address is to the fellow gender. (Reader’s discretion advised)

I have a love hate relationship with women. But I still find them more powerful, more endearing, more sacrificing, and hence more respect worthy.

This women’s day rise above chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day is gone!

On PAY:  Ask for equal pay. You are twice the brains and thrice sincere when you take up a job.

On Progress:  You climb up the corporate ladder because you work hard for it. Shut them who woof mediocrity.

On Periods: Ask for a monthly day off. Yes, those cramps fucking hurt.

On Health: Stay Fit, case closed

On Body: Flaunt the curves, love the flesh on your body, and eat that red velvet because YOU love to.

On Weight reduction:  Get slimmer if you feel like it. Not because one day you’d fit in those college pants.

On Color: You CAN wear a red fucking lipstick to work because you can rock it and it is NOT slutty

On Shoes: You wear those heels because it feels confident and classy, not because it grabs attention.

On What to wear: Wear what comforts you. Wear sari, a kurti, a skirt, a jeans, or wear a cow if you want. Your comfort is ALL that matters.

On “How am I looking”: Don’t seek validation, your mirror and your sexy fucking mind has all the answers.

On Hygiene: You shave because you like to be hygienic and smooth, not because “had to hook up”

ON Bra: Spend on sassy lingerie because you love your body in that. Not to impress in bed. You are a lady. A Goddess as it is.

On Waxing: You go through the pain of waxing so you sure as hell can DEMAND him to fucking shave if you don’t like the hairy territory.

ON “the word SLUT”: It is overrated, they will never come up with a glorified word for a female stud.

On Sisterhood: Real queens fix each others crowns, don’t attack each other. Don’t back bite. Say it in the face.

On “Being Single”: Trust me, It is not a miserable state and I am not necessarily hunting. If I am interested, I will make the move and just say I like you. There is no “dropping hints’’.

On “Being a relationship” : Be a lover. Be a partner. Be a best friend.  Just don’t be a Mother taking care of the Man child.

On Breakups: Get your shit together and get some fucking UNITY in the GENDER. A guy is NEVER worth losing a sister.

On “Can She cook”: It is not quintessentially a girl thing. I can know a lot about food and it is OKAY if I am not good at kitchen. But hey, I am good at grammar, spellings, anagrams, teaching, writing and dancing!

You are a lot more than you think and you deserve much more.

Don’t settle for less please. You are worth the wait darling.

So once again, Rise over chocolates and flowers. Rise above THEM.

Happy Women’s day!




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